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Things I learnt from my CISSP blog

The unbelievable parity between ‘Clicks’ and ‘Reads’

The unbelievable parity between ‘Clicks’ and ‘Reads’ – this was an eye opener, at one point the stats showed 37%, that is, 37 people have Read the content versus 63 who only clicked. I don’t know exactly how these numbers are calculated (what constitutes a read vs a click) but it was an interesting realisation, after a week however the numbers ‘improved’ the read ratio is constantly hovering around 45%-42%.

I also learnt promoting the article in some respects adds little value, as Medium numerates on ‘reads’ and not ‘clicks’, so if I was to re-post on Reddit, linkedIn and Facebook, I would do it in a way that would foster better quality clicks, vs volume.

I also learnt feedback hardly ever makes it to you directly – I found praise dotted around linkedIn and Facebook – which is always nice, I just hope I didn’t seek the feedback by subconsciously sniffing around for post-validation. I’m a full on noob at this, so it’s expected.

As for the CISSP itself, well, I passed this exam two years before I actually wrote about my experience, of course I had to ensure my advice and direction to students was still relevant, thankfully it is. But, the bigger question is, why did it take two years from my draft folder to make it into an article – I have the partial answers to this but I want to explore that further.

AS for what’s next, I have a scrap-page full of ideas, I won’t be making the mistake of typing a draft and waiting two years before hitting the publish button!

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